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Tea Spots
Tea Spots
1443 E Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107
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Tea Spots

1443 E Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107

If you come into Tea Spots expecting the usual limited selection of teas—black, green, maybe jasmine—you are in for a fantastic surprise! In recent years, the Asian obsession with colorful, fun, fruity tea drinks has reached the US, and now thousands of converts enjoy these delicious treats every day. You can now find bubble tea almost everywhere on the West coast. But you won't find a bigger menu of boba, jelly drinks, milk teas and smoothies than ours here at Tea Spots.

Invented in the 1980's in Taiwan, boba tea is milk tea with tasty, chewy little tapioca balls that pop in your mouth when you bite them. Boba come in a variety of flavors, and they turn a regular cup of milky iced tea into an adventure! Add in your favorite jelly, and you have a truly unique and tasty snack. Boba can also be added to smoothies and other drinks and desserts as well.

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While our tea menu is too extensive to list here, some customer favorites include Honey Lavender, Almond, Pineapple Green Tea, Mocha... and the list goes on—and on! Have your tea hot or cold, with extras or without. You can even try something different every time you come in. We encourage it!

And while our name is Tea Spots, we are actually so much more than tea. We serve a selection of Taiwanese rice dishes—a perfect savory complement to a cup of sweet tea. Not hungry enough for a whole meal? Check out our snacks menu. Mini egg rolls, french fries, kabobs, fried tofu...yum!

Have you ever tried cotton shaved ice? It's delicious alternative to ice cream that melts on your tongue. Choose from a wide selection of flavors, including peach, taro, and green tea, and add three of your favorite toppings: mochi, boba, whipped cream, fruit jelly, caramel and more. So yummy and delightful, you'll wonder where it's been all your life. Come to Tea Spots and be a part of this exciting new trend!

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